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If you are like Ritz Catering, you believe that every important event in life should be accompanied with a great meal. And doesn’t it seem that where there is delicious food, there are people gathered. We at Ritz Catering are in that very business! The business of gathering people and we do this by producing great events with the best and highest quality food and service. We have been in the social catering business for over 30 years and have successfully planned, produced, and catered thousands of social events.

We come from a family that has been in the food and entertainment business for over 100 years in Utah and Southern California. Whether your event is a wedding and reception for the most important day of your life, a social gathering, or a corporate event to show appreciation for your teammates, we are here to help! Do not hesitate to reach out. Our team is ready and excited to talk with you and to put together an event plan for you.


Uniquely Beautiful Events

We recognize the uniqueness of every event. However large your event may be, we are here to help you make it perfect. Our experience enables us to produce YOUR event for YOUR guests. Look at our menu as a starting point and the options are endless from there!


Fresh Ingredients

Our menus are prepared with only the freshest ingredients. We do not cut corners and we serve only the best! Have you tried to cook for 10? for 100? for 1000? The magic happens when our team of chefs is able to produce the same quality no matter the quantity!


Service that Gathers

Our vision is to create memorable experiences for our customers by combining the best food with a people first service. We believe that great experiences are supposed to be shared. A happy event happens when the right people are gathered, sharing a meal, and making memories together.

Catering For Every Event

We are here to help create events that are designed specifically to your needs. If it requires bringing people together and social catering, we have done it all! From weddings to fundraisers, corporate events to family parties and everything in between. No matter the type of event, we show up with our best! 

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